Wilsoft offers a simple, pay-as-you-go pricing approach for all products and services. With us you pay only for what you consume, for as long as you need to.

Wilsoft pricing is based on each individual product and named user. You don’t have to worry about, complex licensing or termination fees.

The software can be installed locally or can be installed on Wilsoft’s servers that will be leased for the time of use.

Wilsoft’s Database Hosting Service

Wilsoft offers Database Hosting Service that allows customers to install the application database (10 GB) in a Wilsoft’s server. Installation and maintenance of database are provided by Wilsoft. The customer only needs to install the application locally and the database connection will be done via internet. Every application requires one database installation.

Wilsoft’s Virtual Server Service

Wilsoft’s Virtual Server Service includes Wilsoft’s database hosting service and one virtual server (50 GB) to install one application. In case of installing Web-based applications like QDOCWEB or QPROCESSWEB you can use it via Internet. The licenses of Microsoft Windows Server  , Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office are included.

Wilsoft’s Virtual Server Service also can be used for desktop application installing. In this case you must connect to the application using Remote Desktop Connection. Server maintenance is provided by Wilsoft.

Installing Models

Wilsoft offers three Insalling Models. You are able to choose the one that better meets your needs.

Model System Requirements Notes
Totally Local Framework 4.0
SQL Server 2008
Office 2007
Application and Database are installed in a customer’s server
Semi local Framework 4.0
Office 2007
Internet Connection
Application is installed in customer’s server. Database is installed in Wilsoft’s server. Application connects to database via Internet.
Cloud Internet Connection Application and Database are installed in Wilsoft’s server.


Product Users / Apps Time Total
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QACTION ( $9.00 / $99.00 )
QCEO ( $9.00 / $99.00 )
QDOC ( $9.00 / $99.00 )
QDOCWEB ( $9.00 / $99.00 )
QGAGE ( $90.00 / $990.00 )
QPROCESS ( $9.00 / $99.00 )
QPROCESSWEB ( $9.00 / $99.00 )
QSUPPLIER ( $19.00 / $199.00 )
QTRAINING ( $19.00 / $199.00 )
QCRMWEB ( $9.00 / $99.00 )
VIRTUAL SERVER SERVICE ( $79.00 / $799.00 )
DATABASE HOSTING SERVICE ( $39.00 / $399.00 )
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