Customizing reports

The application reports are specifically designed for MS Excel, and their templates are delivered with the application. This allows you as the user to modify the templates so that you can add the company logo, change colors and types of letters, and remove and replace fields and columns.

Adding custom reports

You can create and add new reports to Wilsoft applications, so if there is some information you need to record and you can’t find a place for it in the standard reports issued by the application, you can create a custom report and thereafter access it with one click.

Adding custom fields

Custom reports extract information from the database of the application. If certain information is not in the database you can add custom fields to the tables of the database to which this information can be input by using the capture form of the application.
Thus, the application adapts to the needs of the customer rather than the customer having to adapt to the application.

Technical support

Custom reports are designed directly in Excel, thus it is easy for the user to create them. In fact it is very common for companies to use Excel to produce reports. If you think that compiling monthly reports can be achieved directly in a Wilsoft application, you can create the template with an example of the report that is normally issued and add it to the application as a custom report.
In case you have difficulty doing so, our support team can do it for you at no cost.