Select the specific modules that your company needs

While many companies have solved some of the most common management systems problems, there are others important issues that are left unsolved. For example, it’s possible that they have good monitoring and assessment of suppliers, but have difficulty managing training courses. In this case, they can purchase only QTRAINING without the need of buying QSUPPLIER.
With Wilsoft Solutions you can choose the module you need for a particular problem. You do not need to purchase the entire suite of products, only what you want and what you need.

Choose the subscription period

Forced plans don’t apply here. You may need the application for just a few months or for many years. If you plan to use the application only a few months, then only pay the monthly license fee and avoid spending large amounts of money.
Monthly licenses apply to both Cloud and LAN installations.

Renew your subscription when you need to

If for some reason you want to stop using the application, and then later restart your use, you can do so by just paying the license fee again. The information stored in your database is not lost: it is owned by you, the customer, and can be retrieved at any time.