QCRM – Customer relationship management (CRM) software

There is no doubt that what makes a company is its customers. Every company that wants to grow must have a good relationship with its customers. The management of this ideal relationship includes training, retention, and an increasing customer satisfaction rate. Effective CRM gets the company closer to its customers, making each one of them a valuable asset to the company.

There are times when we lose contact with a customer, and we lose them . . . thus we are losing income. Without an efficient follow-up and reminder system, we can forget about pending quotes, customer relations, etc.

What can we do to better engage with our customers? We need an IT System that makes marketing, sales, and support easy. When these work together seamlessly, customers are happy. And customer satisfaction represents a huge business advantage for any company.

Our Solution

Wilsoft’s QCRM is a Customer Relationship Management solution that allows you to manage your company’s customer information in a much more effective way, sell with efficiency, and practice more productive marketing.

QCRM offers the following processes:

  • Customer acquisition (Leads, campaigns, promos, marketing)
  • Sales (Quotes, sales closing, cancellations, payments)
  • After-sale services (Customer support, surveys, maintenance, customer satisfaction)
  • Depending on the company’s line of business, you can reach out to prospects in many productive ways. Surveys, online research, direct marketing, etc. All the activities will be recorded in QCRM, as well as visits, emails, chats, phone calls, etc.

Once a prospect shows an interest in the product, a quote is made. QCRM manages the quotes, invoices, and any document sent to the prospect, as well as all requirements or documents received from the prospects. Every follow-up activity is recorded in the system. QCRM makes follow-up easy with reminders and email alerts. When a sale is closed, the corresponding information is recorded: information such as customer, product/service, price, and expiration date with notification for renovation/update. Calls, emails and visits related to the purchase will be managed inside the system, allowing you to obtain sales stats, and you know how hard is to get sales stats.

Also, we can manage after-sale services, customer support, and satisfactory evaluation via surveys that the customers can respond to on their smartphones.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% web-based software.
  • Maximizes the performance of sales team.
  • Monitors real time sales process.
  • Monitors salesforce with geolocation.
  • Defines responsibilities & authority to access information by roles.
  • Social network connection.
  • ERP system integration.
  • Email system integration.
  • Customer satisfaction evaluation.
  • Quotes, sales, & payment management.
  • Reduces time in sales processes.
  • Improves efficiency, which transforms prospects into customers.
  • Customizable stats surveys.
  • Customizable graphics reports.
  • Sends notifications for scheduled activities.
  • E-Campaign management.
  • Tracks & audits any change that occurs in the system.
  • Sends email alerts in case of any delay.

QCRM helps to reduce costs and increase your profit, thanks to the way the customer information is managed in the system. It also helps to achieve customer satisfaction in every aspect of the purchase, from marketing all the way to the after-sale services. And QCRM also offers a 100% return on investment through the automation of marketing, customer support, and salesforce management, using technologies that allow mobility.