QCEO – Indicators management software


Executives know that the measurement system of their organizations greatly affect the behavior of managers and employees. They also know that the traditional financial accounting measures, such as return on investment and profitability by action, may provide dubious signals as they regard innovation and continuous improvement.

Moreover, there is so much information in the company that it is virtually impossible to manage it all . . . and it is therefore necessary to summarize and monitor it in the form of indicators that represent the organization’s critical information.

Description of the solution

QCEO is software focused on controlling management reviews based on ISO 9001, which allows handling, displaying, and distributing the organization’s key information. This is done through indicators that display their current status in the form of a semaphore, and their history, with goal graphics for its analysis.

Tightly integrated with the Business Intelligence infrastructure of the organization, it provides a friendly and highly collaborative environment to those executives who make decisions, incorporating data from different sources in order to facilitate decision-making.

Use all the company information properly

One of the great advantages of QCEO is that it properly uses information that already exists within the company. This means that it is not necessary to type the values ​​of the indicators. If your company already has an informatics systems, QCEO can be connected to the databases of these systems and extract the information needed to display the indicators. For example, let’s say that your company has a system to track sales, and let’s say that the Weekly Sales Volume is an important indicator. In QCEO, this indicator can be configured so that it connects to the sales system database and extracts the necessary information to display it graphically.

It can also be defined as: Indicators of Expenses, Absenteeism, Training, Corrective Actions, Supplier Behavior, etc. Managers can have a kind of scorecard on their computers, and monitor the entire panorama of the organization.

Analyze, Plan, and Act

When an indicator falls into a critical state (red) or warning (yellow), a notice is sent to the person responsible for the indicator. This person must enter QCEO and record the commitments assumed for the indicator to improve its value. The manager can involve other people in compliance of commitments. As those involved take appropriate actions, they should record them in the system. QCEO will take control of the commitments compliance and activities within the agreed-upon time frame. If a compromise is not completed in time, the system will send emails to the head of the department and to an email address previously agreed upon, communicating the delay in carrying out the commitment.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates all paperwork generated by meetings.
  • Gives warnings: the staff takes seriously the objectives and goals of the organization since QCEO is in charge to warn and alert when the indicators do not meet the goal and when the agreed-upon commitments are not complied with.
  • Decreases the delays of commitments and activities.
  • Keeps updated critical indicators.
  • Updates the critical information in real time.
  • Provides indicator warnings.
  • Manages meetings and commitments.
  • Customized fields and reports.
  • Provides WPF technology that allows installs on the server and then runs the program from any PC as if it were local.
  • Is easy to use.
  • Is friendly. Maintains design standards of MS Office.
  • Graphical analysis.
  • Tracks all changes that have occurred in the system.
  • Allocates time constraints for the compliance of steps.