Environmental Management Systems

Some friends told me that I overlooked this June 5, World Environment Day, as an opportunity to talk about environmental management. Well, without thinking further, I started to write so I could share with you something on this subject that has an increasing impact on the business sector. The Environmental Management System, or EMS, is a tool by which a company controls products, activities, and processes that have or could have a negative impact on the environment, and thus mitigate it. This is a complex and inclusive concept, so I propose we start by looking at the regulatory and legal are...
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Evolution of the ISO 9000 standards

The International Standardization Organization (ISO) is a confederation of countries based in Geneva, Switzerland, whose function is to promote standards for products and services. Meanwhile, ISO 9000 is a set of quality standards and continuous quality management, established by the International Standardization Organization. They can be applied in any type of organization or activity aimed at the production of goods or services. The standards include both the minimum content as the guidelines and specific implementation tools, such as auditing methods. The history of this family of standar...
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