Implementation of a Quality Management System

qualityA System of Quality Management is a series of related actions performed on a group of elements (resources, procedures, documents, organizational structure, and strategies) to achieve the quality of products or services that the organization in question offers to the client. That is, it is to plan, control, and improve those elements of an organization that influence customer satisfaction and achieve the results desired by the organization.

Although the concept of the Quality Management System was born in the manufacturing industry, it can be applied in any other sectors: government, services etc.
How do we implement a system of quality management?

To implement a Quality Management System, a company must take note of the following elements:


Define policies, objectives, and guidelines to achieve quality and customer satisfaction. These policies and objectives should be adjusted to the results that the company wishes to obtain.


Should identify, analyze, and implement the processes, activities, and procedures required for the performance of the product or service. One should also define the monitoring and control for the effective operation of processes.


Define clear assignments of personnel, equipment, and/or machinery necessary for the production or provision of service, the work environment, and the necessary financial resources to support the activities of quality.

Organizational structure

Defines and establishes a framework of responsibilities, authorities, and flow of communication within the company.


Establish procedures, documents, forms, records, and other documentation for the effective operation of the processes, and therefore, of the company.
In general, by implementing a quality management system and its policy, we help to establish more clearly the objectives of the company, as these are the practical interpretations of the guidelines in the policy.